Two weeks after a violent dashcam video was released from Robert Smith's time as an Iowa State Trooper, he has resigned his current position as a police officer in Durant, Iowa.

According to CBS 2, Smith resigned his position on the 3-person Durant Police Department after a City Council meeting that was closed to the public Monday evening.

Smith resigned from the Iowa State Patrol in 2018, after the investigation into the 2017 incident (in video below) was completed. He was hired as a police officer in Durant in 2019.

In June, Cedar County Sheriff Warren Wethington announced he would no longer book suspects arrested by police officers in the town of Durant. At the time, he said one of Durant's three officers had a history of "being untruthful and using questionable force." Wethington also said he couldn't "vouch for the integrity of the arrests." A few weeks later, the video below was released:

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