We've seen our first snow of the season but, ready or not, it's time to prepare for some VERY cold temperatures.

Yes, we'll be seeing colder temperatures around eastern Iowa later this week, but that's only the beginning. The National Weather Service is forecasting high temperatures this Wednesday through Friday of 25, 20, and 21 degrees, respectively. It's next week when the real COLD arrives.

The Weather Channel forecasts the high temperature in Cedar Rapids to be 16 degrees next Wednesday, December 14. Next Thursday, they call for 11 degrees, and 15 degrees on Friday the 16th. Overnight lows are expected to be below zero two of the three days. My Weather 2 has a similar forecast for next Wednesday, but considerably colder the following two days. They forecast low double digits on the 14th. Next Thursday, they don't expect Cedar Rapids to get above ZERO and Friday maybe just barely.

Now I'm not saying either of these predictions will be right, but forecasting cold weather does seem to be a lot easier for meteorologists than, say, how much snow a given area will receive. In any case, locate your heavy coats, gloves/mittens, and hats. It never hurts to prepare... just in case.

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