Don't worry, U of I also ranked very high on some really good lists, as well!

The Princeton Review has posted their annual list of the biggest party schools in America, and the University of Iowa has, once again, made the top 20. The list is determined entirely by student survey results. What makes a party school, you ask? The Princeton Review states that the list is:

"based on students' answers to survey questions concerning: the use of alcohol and drugs at their school, the number of hours they study each day outside of class time and the popularity of fraternities/sororities at their school."

U of I didn't break the top 10 this year, but they did come in at number 11 (and they came in 3rd place for 'Lots of Hard Liquor'). That's ok, though, because we ranked much higher in even BETTER categories. The school came in 5th for Best Athletic Facilities, in 8th for Best College Library and Best Health Services, and in 9th for Happiest Students.

Check out the rest of Iowa's rankings HERE.

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