For over a decade, the University of Iowa has consistently been named one of the top party colleges in the nation. Each year, The Princeton Review releases their top 20 list and Iowa is either at or near the top of the list. The streak is officially over.

This year's top 20 party school list not only doesn't have Iowa at the top, it doesn't feature the U of I at all! Its been a while since Iowa didn't make the list. 2007, in fact, was the last year Iowa didn't rank among the top 20 party schools in the nation. In 2014 in came in number one, and number two the following year in 2015. For some, including alums, have the reputation as a party school was a badge of honor. But the university has long looked to try and shed the party image. It looks as if it may finally be working.

This year's top five party schools include Delaware, West Virginia, Tulane, Syracuse, and Bucknell. The rankings are determined by rankings from students on the use of alcohol and drugs at the school, hours a day spent studying, and the number of fraternities and sororities.


[via KWWL]

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