Crowds of protestors stood in the rain over the weekend after two transgender teens were kicked out of the Super Skate roller skating rink. People lined Northland Avenue in the rain holding up signs in support of equal rights for the LGBT+ community.

The protests came after a recent event in which two transgender boys, who wish to remain anonymous, said they were asked to leave the skating rink while skating during a 'boys only' session. One of the boys said that the DJ at the rink said that multiple people had complained. The boys said they didn't see anyone objecting, and when they were asked to leave, it caught them off guard.

The boys said that they had skated many times at the rink and never had a problem until they were asked to leave. Organizers of the protest say that their goal was to get fair and equal treatment for the LGBT+community and to also get an apology from Super Skate ownership.

So far, the owners of the rink have yet to comment on the incident.


[via KCRG]

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