UPDATE: According to KCRG, two Iowans who were tested for Wuhan coronavirus do not have the potentially deadly virus. The pair were tested on February 5th, and the Iowa Department of Public Health announced yesterday that those tests came back negative. The individuals, who had traveled to China, were isolated from the public during their testing.


Health officials in Iowa have identified two Iowans being tested for the Wuhan coronavirus. Officials made the announcement Wednesday.

KCRG reports that the Iowa Department of Public Health implemented enhanced scrutiny for potential coronavirus cases. Two Iowans are currently undergoing tests to see if they are positive for 2019 nCoV. The results of the tests will no be made public for several days. The two people being tested are under voluntary home confinement.

Dr. Caitlin Pedati, medical director for the Iowa Department of Public Health, says that the state will not provide additional information on the pair being tested. The potential cases were associated with a recent trip to China. Officials are working with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention on the testing.

The department's website also says that the state is monitoring the health of four other individuals who returned from China within the past 14 days but have yet to show symptoms of the virus. The Wuhan coronavirus is responsible for over 550 deaths and over 26,000 infected in China alone.

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