I don't know about you, but even though I've been living on my own for four years now, I still talk to my mom every single day. Usually, it's because I have a question about some sort of adult task. For example, yesterday I texted her to ask her how much oil to put in the pan when cooking hash browns. Could I have just read the directions? Yes. But, mom knows best!

A new photo has been making the rounds on social media that has a lot of people texting their moms. It features a frozen turkey in the microwave with the caption:

"Text your mom and ask how long it takes to microwave a 25lb turkey. Post the results below."

When I saw this on Friday night, I knew I had to do it. Unfortunately, my mom spends more time on Facebook than I do, so she was already in on the joke. Here's our conversation:


To be fair, I could've tried a little harder, but she took like 10 hours to respond, so I was done with it. My mom seemed to be in the minority, though, because plenty of other moms fell for the joke! Read some of the best responses HERE.

Try the prank on your mom and then post the results in the comments!