The search is on for Morel Mushrooms, the wild, flavorful fungi that everyone craves.

The cool weather may have slowed the start of gathering season, but many believe that this is a good thing. What is certain is that now through mid-May, you can hope to catch your fair share by using theses tips and websites.

1. The Iowa forum page at may not reveal many secret locations, but it is a good place to start, with a generous amount of information and free hunting tips and techniques given out by the pros.

2. This Department of Natural Resources page features 50 terrific tips for spotting Morel Mushrooms.

3. For those willing to expand their search area, the Great Morel offers sightings across the Midwest and beyond. Some folks definitely take this stuff seriously.

4. This YouTube report is a good example of just how serious some people are about Morels.

5. And of course there is a Facebook page devoted to helping you seek out the tasty morsels.

Happy hunting, and share your photos with us!

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