It a springtime rite of passage for many Iowans every year and the time is almost here.

It's nearly time to start hunting for morel mushrooms. My dad has been a pro at this for years. He always seems to be able to find the right dead elm trees at the optimal time and often will have bread sacks full of morel mushrooms. Where does he find them? Are you kidding me?! One of the number one rules of being a great mushroom hunter is NEVER divulging your locations. These pictures aren't of his hauls, but they do bring to mind some things I've seen in the past.

According to the Press-Citizen, temps around 70 degrees with lows in the 50-degree range are the keys to those little beauties showing their heads, ripe for picking. The good news is, those temperatures are coming. The National Weather Service calls for high temperatures in the Cedar Rapids area both Saturday and Sunday will be at, or above, 70 degrees. Saturday and Sunday night lows should be in the mid-50's. Will those temps be enough? It might not be... at least until soil temps increase a bit. Still, why wait to see your friends pictures online. Here's hoping you come across some magic like this:

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