We love to complain about the cold weather. But don't forget how hard it is on our four legged friends too! Dangerous temperatures and wind chills are even MORE dangerous to our pets. Here are some things to remember as our weather turns dangerously cold.

Know Your Limits - Or rather understand the limits of your pet. In cold weather, take shorter walks at first. Limit the time they spend outdoors until you understand their tolerance. Then you can slowly extend your walks and outdoor playtime.

Check The Paws - Check your dog's paws for signs of cracks and bleeding. Also check for ice accumulations between their toes. These injuries are painful and can lead to a lack of activity for your furry friend.

Dress Up - If you think that your pet will tolerate it, try a sweater or other clothing options to keep them a little warmer on your outdoor excursions.

Wipe Down - Once you come back inside, make sure and wipe down your pet, especially their feet and underside. It's easy to pick up deicers, antifreeze or other chemicals in their outdoor journey. Get them wiped off before your pet finds them.

Make Some Noise - Something to remember when you start your vehicle. A warm car engine makes an inviting place for small animals, especially outdoor cats to find warmth in the winter. If you know you have some around, make some noise around your vehicle when you start it to make sure they're out and safe.


[via AVMA]

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