One of our favorite moments each week is when we get to meet our Furry Friday dog. This week, the fun was multiplied by THREE! Jessica with Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids brought in three dogs for us to meet and they were even brothers! We got to play with our new pals Brownie, Bear, and Socks!

The three little guys are a Dachshund, Jack Russell mix and are the perfect size for any home! They're relatively small and love to hop up on your lap and cuddle as we soon found out. They get along with other dogs and kids. The three boys have grown up together and if possible, would love to find a home where they could stay together. Yes, we know that is asking a lot, but one look at these brothers playing and being together and you'll understand why they need to stay together.

If you're interested in three amazing dogs, you can visit them at Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids. Three times the dog means three times the love!

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