Is there a 'Parent of the Week' award we can give this woman?

As a child of a single parent household for several years, I can tell you from experience that sometimes parents have to take on the roles of both mom and dad, and it's not an easy task. Yevette Vasquez literally took on both roles this week when she got dressed up as a dad so her son could attend a school event dedicated to fathers.

Yevette, a single mom from Fort Worth, Texas, was taking her son Elijah to school when she noticed an excess of cars in the parking lot. When she asked what was going on, her son Elijah told her it was "Donuts for Dad." Not wanting her son to feel left out, they headed back home so Yevette could make her transformation. Elijah helped her with her mustache and her outfit, letting her know when she didn't look manly enough. When they headed back to the school, Yevette told CNN, "Most of the dads thought it was really cool. They thought it was really supportive and sweet. I did feel the energy of a few men who weren't as comfortable with it though." It doesn't matter how those dads felt, though, because she didn't do it for them, she did it for her son. The story went viral after Yevette shared her story to Facebook, and and the response from other single parents on social media has been incredibly supportive.

Will Yevette ever dress like dad again? She has two other sons, so she may have to when "Donuts for Dad" comes around again!

[Via CNN]

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