The holidays are here and a toy from your childhood is making a big comeback. Both Illinois and Iowa are interested in the same toy from the 90s. However, the snack from the 90s that the Midwest wants to see make a comeback is very different.

You can see in the graphic below the most popular 90s trends in every state.

They aren't just for good luck at bingo.


Trolls never really went away, and while they started way before the '90s, the peak of "Troll" was definitely for the '90s kid.

Trolls were first started in 1959 by a Danish woodcutter named Thomas Dam. He originally made the dolls for his children since he didn't have enough money to buy Christmas gifts for his children.

Decades later, Trolls have evolved from skin-colored, naked, fury-haired figurines, to a rainbow of colors, shapes, and sizes.

A New Trolls Movie Is Helping To Fuel The Rebirth

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The third installment of the Trolls film is now in theaters. And while Trolls were popular with the first two movies, now that this one is getting the band back together (literally NSync is in the movie and getting back together) the Troll fever has reached new heights.

This is probably why in a recent study done by Shane Company both Iowa and Illinois are most nostalgic for Trolls. As you can see below, there were a lot of options.  Gameboys, Easy Bake Oven, Beanie Babies, Bop It, and many more were on the list as state favorites.

Also, please look at the map below to see what your state is interested in from the 90s regarding the top accessory and the top snack.

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The main 4 Midwest States (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois) all said scrunchie for the 90s accessory. That makes sense. But the top snacks from each state are when the unity of the Midwest collapses.

Minnesota likes "Mini Chiclets". Wisconsin is all about "Hubba Bubba". Illinois wants some "Waffle Crisp". And Iowa likes Candy Cigarettes. Out of all the candy listed, that is the one that won't be making a comeback.

You can check out the map below and the full 90s obsessions here.


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