You're no doubt guessing right now that I'm upset at another poor performance by the Iowa offense. That fact is not in doubt. But I think most reasonable Iowa football fans saw that one coming prior to the Big Ten Championship game against Michigan on Saturday night. An offense that struggled all year to score points wasn't going to suddenly hit its stride against the #2 team in the nation...and it didn't. The Hawkeyes were shut out 26-0. But that Iowa defense kept Iowa with 10 points into the third quarter. And there was another play Saturday night that summed up why we love our Hawkeyes.

The play I'll show you actually was a huge one for Michigan. Iowa punter Tory Taylor was about to flip the field for the Hawkeyes and pin the Wolverines deep in their own territory during the second quarter of Saturday's game. That is until Michigan punt returner Semaj Morgan splits two Iowa defenders and nearly takes it to the house. But as you watch the play again, watch which Iowa defender saves a touchdown.

Yes, Iowa defensive back Koen Entringer missed the tackle. But he then got up, got on his horse, and ran down Morgan, pushing him out of bounds short of the goal line. That play right there is why despite all the storylines and offensive woes, I still love Iowa football. Despite all the perceived issues, the players have not quit. They will not quit. You make a mistake and miss a tackle? You better hustle faster than anyone else on that field and make up for it!

Despite the tough loss against Michigan, the Hawkeyes are going bowling on New Year's Day in the Citrus Bowl against Tennessee. Iowa is already a 7.5-point underdog. The offensive woes will no doubt be the hot topic in the coming weeks. But give me the toughness and effort Iowa showed for most of Saturday, and I'll still be proud to be a Hawkeye.

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