As you know, the popular restaurant chain Applebees is selling 'Dollaritas' in the Corridor for the entire month of October. Yes, that's $1 margaritas!

Before you get too excited, there's a video that has been circulating the internet lately from The Bitchy Waiter Facebook Page. It shows exactly how those $1 margaritas are made and it's not sitting well with some people. See for yourself below.

What do you think of the 'Dollarita'? Are you grossed out after seeing this? Many people have been disturbed by the quality, the amount of water used, and the buckets that the mix is stored in.

Well, you can probably assume that for that price you're not getting top-shelf tequila. When it comes to the amount of water used, remember that the margarita mix is from concentrate, therefore it needs water. As for the buckets? Well they've got to store them in something, right!?

Moral of the story: You're only paying $1 and you may get a hangover after having a few of these, but at least your bank account will appreciate it.

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