I think this may be my favorite TikTok video of all time.

Zach Beeken, Colton Pack, and Garrett Nichols, better known as Restless Road, have gone viral for a video they posted on social media last week. The country trio is best known for their 4th place finish on season 3 of The X Factor USA, but this new parody could be their biggest hit! The group uploaded a new video to their TikTok account (Restless Road) a week ago titled, "One Quesadilla." The song is a clever parody of Luke Bryan's summer single "One Margarita," with all of the lyrics centered around my favorite fast food place of all time... Taco Bell.

The video has received over 600,000 likes and nearly 8,000 comments on TikTok since it was posted, and it apparently got the attention of some important people at Taco Bell! According to a new article from Music Mayhem Magazine, a Taco Bell rep posted a comment on the photo that reads:

"You just earned yourselves a year supply of Taco Bell. Have your people contact our people."

I'm really upset that I didn't come up with this idea first so all that free food could be mine, but I am happy that the band is living out their Taco Bell dreams! Here is the viral video, followed by the lyrics of "One Quesadilla" and the original song "One Margarita" by Luke Bryan:

"One quesadilla

Two quesadilla

Three quesadilla


A cheesy gordita

Grilled stuffed burrito

It sure would hit the spot

Pass that Baja Blast

My favorite Mountain Dew

Churros in the bag

Got all them sauces, too

Hey Senorita

Tell me do you need a soft or a crunch shell?

One quesadilla

Two quesadilla

Three quesadilla

Taco Bell"

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