These are troubled times in the kingdom of Hawkeye football. A 1-1 record after two games isn't the end of the world, but the play, if you can call it that, of Iowa's offense has been, well, offensive. The entire football community is calling for Spencer Petras to be replaced by Alex Padilla. My football friends, this is the week it needs to happen.

Iowa plays host to Nevada Saturday night. The Hawkeyes are favored to win by a sizeable margin. This is the week it makes sense to get Alex Padilla some playing time and see what he's got. Perhaps he'll be the shot in the arm the offense needs. Of course, there is also a chance he won't be. That is what coaches and the fanbase need to see. Yesterday, Kirk Ferentz announced that Petras remains the starter heading into the Nevada game. But why not give Padilla a shot before Big Ten play starts?

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Another top football program you probably have heard of had a similar quarterback problem. Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh decided that each of his top two quarterbacks would each get to start and finish a game before conference play began. Yes, as coach Ferentz continues to say, we see these guys every day in practice. But why not evaluate each during a game? Petras might be the best practice player ever, but if he can't perform during games what is the point?

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Padilla is still just a junior. Many Iowa fans are afraid if he isn't given a chance, he'll be the next Hawkeye to enter the transfer portal. And Iowa fans can't take any more 'Charlie Jones' like transfers. So, Kirk...this is the week. If you're going to start Spencer Petras, give Padilla some time too. At this point, what could it hurt?


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