A little positivity in the world is always a good thing, and this Iowan is taking that to the next level. Zane Hadish is an Iowa native, and he spends his weekends giving out free... Shrugs. At least that's how it started, now he also offers hugs, and different food depending on what his followers vote for.

You can find Zane usually hanging out in downtown Iowa City, though he may start showing up in other areas as well. He shows up most weekends spreading positivity, and just overall having a fun time.

When asked what inspired him to do this Zane stated,

"I'm just trying to leave the world a bit better than I found it."

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The idea started with a basic premise, Zane just wanted to go out and do something fun and goofy. That gave us the shrugs at first, next he wanted to add more to the idea, spreading that love and positivity.

You can follow Zane on Snapchat at zanehadish or on Instagram here.


If you end up following Zane on social media you'll see him also post motivational videos and fun positive challenges for his followers. He also gives updates on which nights he will be out.

Zane was also featured on BarstooluIowa's snap chat.


Zane also plans on dropping merch soon with 50% of the profits going towards the University of Iowa children's hospital. Keep updated with him on 'Snapchat' at zanehadish.

Who would have guessed shrugging in Iowa could go so well, and have such a positive impact on the community.


Zane has a lot of big plans for this Spring, and Summer, so make sure you get a picture with him shrugging or hugging! It's always great to see that Iowa nice being true!

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