I might need to make a road trip for these!

I was scrolling through Facebook last night, when I came across one of the most magnificent posts I have ever seen. The post was from a woman named D'Naya Rae, and it contained two photos and a video of the most IMPRESSIVE mozzarella sticks of all time! Just see for yourself:

These massive mozzarella sticks, also known as "Lightning Rod Mozzarella Sticks," are from a place called Alphonso's the Original, which is located at 1119 S 108th Street in West Allis, Wisconsin. Only in Your State says that the tiny restaurant opened back in 2010, but they started getting a ton of attention late last year thanks to D'Naya's post and a post from the popular Barstool Sports page. A Milwaukee Record article says that each mozz stick is about a foot long and two-inches wide, and they each weigh almost a full pound!

As you can imagine, the Lightning Rod Mozzarella Sticks are wildly popular, so Alphonso's website says that there is a limit of two sticks per order. If you also order a pizza or an "Alzone," you'll be able to order a four-pack. Two will cost you $10 and for four they charge $16.

In case you're interested in taking a road trip, Alphonso's is around 238 miles from downtown Cedar Rapids. According to Google Maps, it would take approximately three hours and 43 minutes to get there from the radio station. Not that I'm planning a trip or anything...

Here are a few more social media posts to show you just how ridiculously awesome these things are:

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