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You can't go to a store nowadays without seeing hand sanitizer and masks available to purchase. Seemingly, dang near every company has jumped on board to offer convenient must-haves. Unfortunately, not all are safe or FDA approved. In fact, the list of hand sanitizers NOT to use has grown to more than 200.

Back in July, we shared that 77 hand sanitizers had been recalled. Sanitizers that were being sold at popular retailers like Target and Walmart.

The recall list isn't to warn you that your hand sanitizer isn't doing its job, but instead that it's potentially toxic! The FDA is recalling these products because they are testing positive for methanol contamination. Methanol is wood alcohol that can be toxic when absorbed through the skin and can be life-threatening when ingested.

"Substantial methanol exposure can result in nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, seizures, coma, permanent damage to the nervous system, or death." - FDA.

Unfortunately, it's not always easy to spot the bad hand sanitizers as makers aren't including this toxic ingredient on the ingredient list. If you do happen to see methanal on the ingredient list, it's safe to say you should dispose of it. Quite a few on the list are being recalled because they were made at a facility that produced other methanol contaminated products.

Some of the popular brands that made the list: Saniderm, Medtek Supplies, BLUMEN, TriCleanz, KLAR AND DANVER, The Honeykeeper, Assured, LumiSkin, Modesa, V&W, and several more.

**It's important to note that not all hand sanitizers under these brand names are necessarily tainted. Please look over the FDA's list to get exact details. Click here to check out the entire list. 

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