Julie and I experienced 'Shrek' Saturday night at Theatre Cedar Rapids. It truly was an experience... and a great one at that.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived prior to the curtain raising was the number of young people in the audience. It was great to see, and like the adults in the audience, they weren't disappointed.

Nathan Nelson makes a wonderful Shrek, and he plays the part to the hilt. You laugh at and with him, you feel for him, and you love him. Donkey is phenomenal too, but I thought Greg Smith stole the show playing the part of Lord Farquaad... the most difficult in the production, in my opinion. I don't want to spoil anything, but you'll certainly understand when you see it.

There were tons of laughs throughout Saturday night's show and I could go on and on about the people. Nikki Stewart was one of my favorites because of what she did with her voice. She plays a Sugar Plum Fairy and is the voice of Gingie. Amazing. There was also a large ensemble tap dancing routine that blew me away.

I'm so glad that KHAK is sponsoring 'Shrek,' and I encourage you to get tickets. Here's the link to purchase. I always walk away from Theatre Cedar Rapids amazed at the talent of the performers, and those that coach them as well. Our community is lucky to have all of them, and the beautiful Theatre Cedar Rapids. I encourage you to discover this Cedar Rapids treasure, if you haven't already.

Shrek donkey

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