For some theatre-goers, the experience can often be hindered by their distance from the stage coupled with their hearing challenges. That's why Theatre Cedar Rapids (TCR) has come up with an innovative solution.

TCR has installed what they call a "Hearing Induction Loop". The system was installed by Iowa firm Hearing Access Solutions and according to a TCR press release, allows patrons with hearing challenges to "receive crystal clear audio signals directly through their T-Coil hearing aids, cochlear implants, or Hearing Loop receiver."

It includes the same "T-coil" technology as most hearing aids, but will offer portable devices on-site for theatre attendees who are hard of hearing or whose own devices do not have the T-coil technology. What good is attending a Broadway-quality production at your local community theatre if you can't appreciate it in crystal-clear sound?

The system was actually installed back in September and according to the release was made possible by a donation from Myron and Esther Wilson. For their part, Theatre Cedar Rapids hopes the installation will bring even more community members into the theatre to enjoy future productions. A schedule of the current season lineup can be found here, along with information on how to purchase tickets (they make great stocking stuffers!)

For more details on the new hearing loop system and TCR's continued commitment to making their facilities and productions accessible to more individuals who need assistance, visit them at their website.

Current COVID protocols and guidelines for TCR visitors are kept up to date on the theatre's website here.

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