The close of the year is a season of positivity, where the best of the last 12 months is awarded the praise and flowers it deserves. Critics publish Best of the Year lists, influencers post gift guides, families gather to send well wishes, and awards season heats up. What could be more fun than spreading some positive cheer to close out another long year?

Celebrating all the bad stuff, of course. The only thing better than telling people what we liked is complaining about what we hated, and there were plenty of duds to waste our time on in 2023, especially movies. One annual culprit, of course, is Netflix, purveyor of occasional hits and astronomical flops, whose bad movies, bloated with streaming money and dull performances from ultra-famous actors, are really bad.

We’ve picked ten of Netflix’s worst offerings in 2023 to highlight (read: avoid), from a dog in peril and a pair of bumbling comedy detectives to steely female spies and an entire body-swapped family. No genre, no beloved actor, no social issue was safe from Netflix this year, and its flops (one of which is allegedly its most-watched movie ever??) underscore the worst instincts of the streaming era. We can’t force you not to watch, or even love, any of these. We can only beg you.

The Worst Netflix Movies of 2023

All the Netflix movies of 2023 we won't fondly remember.
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