There's no shame in admitting that the place you call home needs a bit of a facelift.

Maybe there's always a whole lot of construction or it doesn't have any beautiful views.

Either way, there's always that ONE town that people tend to avoid like the plague when traveling. One travel website called determined the ugliest city in each state, and Iowa's will definitely surprise you!

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How Did they Determine the Ugliest Cities in Each State?

The publisher paged through reviews of different cities by locals from websites like Niche and Reddit.

Now onto the city that is considered the ugliest in all of Iowa...

Ugliest City in Iowa

Again, this was determined by, not by me! So, if you call this town home, don't come after me!

The "ugliest" city in the entire Hawkeye State is Ames. Located north of Des Moines, this city is the home of Iowa State University.

Ames is one of just a few cities with a resource recovery facility for burning trash for energy, according to reports. It was also named one of the smartest cities in America by Forbes Magazine.


Even the people who determined that it was "the ugliest town in Iowa" admit that it isn't that bad.

"This place may not be hideous, but it's definitely too boring to be considered beautiful!"

The main criticism was that it was pretty boring, and that unless you go to ISU there really isn't that much to do.

Do you agree with this?

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