Forget Black Friday, Cyber Monday is where it's at!

Thinking of skipping Black Friday this year, but you still want to get great deals? No problem! That's what Cyber Monday is for. Here are the top 5 reasons you should be shopping from home on Monday the 28th:


  • Stephanie DeLay, ThinkStock
    Stephanie DeLay, ThinkStock

    You Don't Have to Wear Pants

    I would say that putting on pants is one of the worst parts of my day. But hey, you have to abide by the law, right?That's the good thing about Cyber Monday - you can shop for all of your Christmas gifts without having to dress yourself. It doesn't matter what you look like, because whatever you wear is between you and your computer. Just make sure your webcam is off.

  • Dmitrijs Dmitrijevs, ThinkStock
    Dmitrijs Dmitrijevs, ThinkStock

    You Don't Have to Deal With People

    Let's be honest: after spending the holiday weekend with your family, you probably feel the need to be a little anti-social. Cyber Monday is PERFECT for that! No waiting an hour in line behind a bunch of crabby people, no fighting a woman in aisle 12 for a TV, and no small talk with strangers. Just you, your computer, and some peace and quiet (depending on who else is in your household).

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    You Can Eat While You Shop

    A lot of businesses out there don't allow food or drink in their stores, and you don't need to kind of negativity in your life. Want to enjoy a coffee? No problem. Order a pizza? Great. Have a four-course meal and a bottle of wine? That's fine, too. Eating while shopping can become your new favorite hobby.

  • nandyphotos, ThinkStock
    nandyphotos, ThinkStock

    You Don't Have to Drive or Park Anywhere

    The #1 thing that drives me nuts when it comes to holiday shopping is looking for a parking spot. I'm not one of those people that drives around for 20 minutes waiting for somebody to leave, but I'm also not parking in Narnia. If you hate fighting for parking spaces, walking a mile to your car, or trying to turn left out of a mall parking lot, Cyber Monday has got your back.

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    You Don't Have to Brave the Unpredictable Weather

    It's Iowa. It's winter. And it's COLD. We may have had 70 degree weather a week ago, but those days are behind us and they're not coming back. Instead of putting on seven layers and then having to choose between sweating your butt off or carrying around a giant coat/sweater/scarf, how about you just cozy up with a blanket next to the heat vent and enjoy your life? Problem solved.

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