Sometimes I see a story online that makes me say, "I'm SO glad that's not me!" This is one of those stories.

A mom in Wales has been battling "the hamster from hell," and she's been sharing the details in a now viral Facebook post. Basically, what happened was Amanda Johnson had purchased a hamster for her children, but on the way home from the store, it somehow escaped from the container it was in. In the days since the escape, Amanda cannot find the little guy! She has set eight different traps, but none of them have been successful. So, how does she know the hamster is still in the vehicle? It's been destroying the car with its tiny little teeth! It has chewed through seatbelts, airbags, wiring, carpet, and more, causing some very expensive damage. She's been doing a daily update on the situation on her Facebook page.

This sparked a conversation about the things parents have purchased for their kids that they ended up regretting. It could be a musical instrument, a specific toy, an animal, something messy... anything! Share your stories with us in the comments below!

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