The American family is shrinking.  In 1960 the average family size was 3.67.  In 2022 it was 3.13.

Couples are simply having fewer children which has some economists worried.  Why is Iowa one of the top 10 states in the country planning to have even fewer children in the future?

Some States Will Be Adding To The Population

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According to Couples from 43 out of 50 states said they intend on having fewer children than the current state average.

Only couples from Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Utah are having more, or staying the same.

New Hampshire and New Mexico couples intend on having more children (0.6 and 0.2 more respectively) Couples from Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Utah stated they intend on having the same number of children as the current state average.

The Top 10 States With The Largest Expected Population Plunge


While some states will be staying even with the number of children entering families, most will be shrinking and may soon have more cows than people.

The top 10 states with the largest expected population plunge:

  1. Delaware: -1.1
  2. Alaska: -1.0
  3. Idaho: -0.7
  4. Nebraska: -0.6
  5. Arizona: -0.5
  6. Oregon: -0.5
  7. Wyoming: -0.5
  8. Connecticut: -0.4
  9. Tennessee: -0.4
  10. Iowa: -0.4

Why Are People In Iowa Having Less Children?

Photo Credits: denisvrublevski, Getty Images + Canva
Photo Credits: denisvrublevski, Getty Images + Canva

Everything is so expensive.

With inflation soaring people are less likely to want more children they need to financially support. However, economists warn that America could face multiple economic challenges if couples choose to have fewer children. A falling population results in a smaller labor force, which can stifle economic growth, cause labor shortages, particularly in labor-intensive sectors, and reduce overall consumer demand.

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Additionally, an aging demographic is often associated with a declining population, leading to increased healthcare and pension costs, and straining public finances. It may also reduce the tax base, making it difficult for the government to maintain public services and infrastructure. On the real estate front, decreased demand could lead to falling property values. Education and innovation might suffer due to less demand for educational services.

However, on the positive side of a shrinking population are the environmental benefits that might emerge through reduced strain on the resources of the planet.

As couples decide between spending money on a child, or on a house/car/trip, the country will be facing these changes in the next few generations.

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