When you're low on food and/or money, or you just don't feel like cooking, sometimes you have to invent your own meals.

Friday night was one of those night for me. We had just gotten paid, and by the time I got home from the gym I was EXHAUSTED. The thought of going to the store and hauling groceries up four flights of stairs was just too much effort for me. I was feeling pretty lazy, but I didn't want to blow my money by ordering a pizza, so I searched my kitchen for something to eat. I wanted some instant sustenance, so I settled on a gourmet meal of shredded cheese, croutons, and popcorn. For dessert I allowed myself two Girl Scout Cookies. I know, classy right?



The thing is, this isn't even the saddest meal I've ever eaten. I remember a few weeks ago, when I returned back to Iowa after being gone a week, I ate a meal consisting of half a piece of leftover Polish sausage, a hard-boiled Easter egg, and some soggy dill pickles. It was less than appetizing. Brain's go-to meal when he was low on cash was SpaghettiOs and a "butter sandwich." I have a friend that eats peanut butter and Saltine crackers when she doesn't feel like going to the store. 

Now we want to know... what's the most pathetic meal you've ever eaten? Whether it's something you go back to often, or something you just did once, we want to hear it! Leave yours in the comments.

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