Your favorite Cubano is now available to order again!

Back in December, Cedar Rapidians were excited to find out that The Lost Cuban would be making a comeback. The popular restaurant, which was located at 209 3rd St SE, first opened in 2012. It eventually closed its doors in 2019, and now Taco Gato has taken over their former building.

The new version of The Lost Cuban is located at 312 3rd St SE and is called Third Street Market/Lost Cuban 2go. As of early March, the eatery has begun selling their famous Cuban sandwiches on Grubhub under Lost Cuban Kitchen. The sandwich is described on the app as an "authentic hot-pressed Cubano made with lechon asado (roasted mojo pork), premium ham, ipickles, mustard, and Swiss cheese on real Cuban bread." It also comes with your choice of sauce: either Gitmo Sauce (smoked and very spicy) or Dulce de Fuego Sauce (sweet and tangy). As of right now, the only other food item on the menu at Lost Cuban Kitchen is the El Pollito Sandwich, which contains mojo chicken and smoked turkey.

Lost Cuban's return has been very successful so far. They apparently sold out of product in 30 minutes on their test day (March 7th)!

As of right now, Lost Cuban is only available to order on Grubhub, but several comments on the official Facebook page indicate that they hope to open up their shop inside Third Street Market beginning on April 1st. Once the market opens, they'll be available for pick-up. Until then, orders are taken on Grubhub beginning at 11 a.m. until they are sold out. When they sell out, they simply switch from "open" to "closed" on the app.

For the latest updates on Lost Cuban Kitchen, you can check out the official Facebook page HERE!

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