The good, the bad, and the UGLY - our siblings have been there with us through it all. Today, on April 10th, we honor our siblings with... embarrassing childhood photos!

Growing up, my little brother was my first best friend, and also my first worst enemy. We've laughed, we've cried, we've fought (remember when you shot me with your airsoft gun?), and we've kept secrets from mom (which we then shared to get the other in trouble). Even though I only grew up with one sibling, I feel like one was probably enough for me! I'm not as close with my brother as we were when we were kids and we lived under the same roof, but I still love him to death and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

In honor of today's holiday, let your sibling know how much you love them! We chose to do it in our own way, with some hilarious photos. Check out these awesome childhood photos and some a little more recent ones too. You won't see a young Brain though (he didn't follow instructions):




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