The Iowa Hawkeye defense could get some big help on the defensive line back this month. Defensive tackle Noah Shannon got some good news from the NCAA this week and more good news could be coming by the end of the month!

The Des Moines Register reports that the sixth-year DT has been officially cleared to practice again with the Hawkeyes by the NCAA. Shannon had previously been handed down a career-ending suspension related to sports gambling. Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz made the announcement regarding Shannon at his Tuesday press conference.

Noah Shannon has been cleared to practice. Not sure what we'll learn or when we'll learn what his status moving forward is going to be. But at least we've got him on the field. He's back on the roster and able to be part of the football team as a player and not just a guy kind of helping out a little bit.

The Register reports that Shannon was among numerous Iowa and Iowa State athletes who were suspended after a sports-betting probe found that they had bet on other sports at the schools they attended. Shannon appealed the decision but was initially denied. However, the NCAA announced last week that they were considering reducing penalties for athletes found betting on their own school, but NOT on their own team, according to the Register.

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A first offense would include no penalty or suspension, and would only require education on sports wagering rules, according to the Register. Shannon would fit into that category. A final decision by the NCAA could come later this month. That would mean that Shannon could once again wreak havoc on opposing offenses for a late-season Iowa run! Iowa hopes to have him back for games against Northwestern, Rutgers, Illinois, and Nebraska, and for any conference title game and bowl game.

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