We touch gross things all the time. Let's face, bactieria are everywhere, even where we least expect it. If you don't regularly clean an item, germs can take over. Here are 10 things you touch everyday that aren't nearly as clean as you think!

  • Your toothbrush. Putting it away while still wet helps bacteria grow.
  • Salt and pepper shakers. Ones at restaurants are the worst.
  • Your keyboard. You've heard this one before. It's never cleaned often enough.
  • Light switches. Touched all day long by everyone.
  • Dish towels. Unless you use a new one every single day.
  • Facet on your kitchen sink. Dirtier than the bathroom because of things like salmonella.
  • Remote control. When was the last time you ever cleaned it?
  • Throw pillows. Never washed...bacteria galore.
  • Your seatbelt. Wear it, but clean it once in awhile.
  • Car stereo. Don't touch that dial...keep it on KHAK!


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