We've all seen weird food combinations floating around the internet. People are dipping their chips in cottage cheese and putting chocolate syrup on their pizza...things are getting crazy. Aside from all of the weird combinations of food items, let's talk about the foods that are just plain gross on their own.

Topix Passport compiled a list of the grossest foods around the country. Get your barf bags out because just reading some of these items could make you sick. Here are some of the grossest items we've found on the list.

  • Mississippi: Kool-ickle (A pickle soaked in Kool-Aid)
  • North Carolina- Livermush (pretty self-explanatory)
  • Tennessee- Chitterlings (intestines)
  • Indiana- Brain sandwiches (fried brain on a bun...time for that bag)

The grossest food for Iowa isn't much better. It's fried butter. Just when you thought butter couldn't get any unhealthier, Iowa fried it! Surprisingly, this heart attack on a stick is a hit at the Iowa State Fair.

Republican Candidates Campaign In Iowa Ahead Of Debate And Straw Poll
Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

Here's what Topix Passport had to say about this "food":

I love butter as much as the next red-blooded American, but there are limits, Iowa. You were too busy thinking about the could that you forgot to consider the should. And this...should not. In any way. Iowa is a weird, weird place. Sometimes it's cool — I know people who came there from much more populated areas as adults and still swear by Des Moines and Iowa City — but sometimes it's...this. You never know what to expect out of Iowa."

You can see more disgusting foods from each state right here. But, do so at your own risk. We're going to go take some TUMS now.

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