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In case you haven't seen the INSANE story, The Colorado Springs Police Department is on the hunt for a female jogger that people have named "the mad pooper." Basically, she's been continuously going #2 in front of a family's home for several weeks now. The kids have even caught her in the act! I'm sure it's the grossest thing they've ever seen someone do.

Continuing with the topic of the most disgusting thing you've ever seen someone do, I actually saw something pretty awful a few weeks ago. I was out at a downtown bar with some friends, and all of a sudden the dance floor cleared out. We realized that somebody had thrown up right in the middle of it, so the whole crowd kind of formed a circle around it while they waited for it to be cleaned up. Well, some people didn't get the memo, so two men jumped right into the pile and started stomping around, making it even more messy. But that wasn't even the worst part! A very intoxicated couple made their way into the center of the dance floor, and the woman was wearing HEELS. Alcohol + heels + puke do NOT go well together, and we watched the woman go down into the vomit not once, but TWICE. It was all over her, but she just got up and kept dancing! I was REPULSED.

We asked people on Facebook: "what is the GROSSEST thing you've ever seen someone do?" We got some interested responses:

Have you ever witnessed someone do something completely disgusting? Share your story with us in the comments!

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