There's nothing cuter (or more hilarious) than watching kids try to learn the English language!

My best friend Stephanie has a two-year-old son named Henrik, and he is just starting to become very talkative. When I was visiting them back in Michigan this weekend, Henrik started playing with the toy salt and pepper shakers in his mini kitchen. He handed the pepper to his mom, calling it "peppa," and she responded by saying, "yes, that's pepper. What's that one called?" He handed over the salt shaker and simply said, "udder peppa." I thought it was just the CUTEST DARN THING. He doesn't even try to say, "salt!" These are the times I truly love children.

This started up a very interesting conversation on our Facebook page. We asked the question:

"What's a word that your little one gets wrong, but it's too cute/funny to correct?"

As it turns out, pretty much every parent on planet Earth has a story to share! Here are some of our favorite responses:

Do you have a story about your child? Share it with us in the comments!

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