Germs. They're everywhere. Including all over items in your office. I remember reading studies that said your computer keyboard was the dirtiest thing in your office. Boy is that outdated! A new study ranked your keyboard 6th! So what are the six dirtier things in your office? Here we go!

  • Desk. Your desk has 400 times more germs than a toilet! So you might want to wipe it down once in a while!
  • Soap Dispenser in bathroom. Think about it. It's in the bathroom...and everyone touches it BEFORE they clean their hands. Yuck.
  • The Microwave. It's gross inside from all the food. But remember everyone's germy hands touch those numbers too!
  • The Fridge. Old food inside, and everyone's hands touch the handle.

The most germ filled item in your office is one I didn't really think of. But it's touched all day long too. It's the water cooler!

Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

It may look refreshing....but it's really trying to get us all sick! Clean those handles people!


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