My 13-year-old daughter Carly and I share a common love. We both love music. All kinds in fact. But, being a teenager, she tends to gravitate toward current artists like Taylor Swift and other Top 40 mainstays. She doesn't have much time for most of my country music but does humor me from time to time. But no artist has my daughter's heart like Harry Styles.

At first, Carly had the 'One Direction' infection. And when Harry went solo after the band broke up, she followed him along with legions of other fans. I'll admit it. I've always liked Harry too. Carly has been a fan since his first solo album 'Harry Styles' and his sophomore release 'Fine Line' in 2019. She has pictures of Harry cut out and plastered to the walls of her bedroom. She screams when he comes on the radio. The obsession is real, folks. Then, Harry goes and announces his new album is coming out this month.

His first single off the album, 'As It Was' is the first platinum single in all music in 2022. Carly has single-handedly helped it reach that height. She played it non-stop in her room for 24 hours. Her obsession with the song and Harry set the stage for the most bizarre ask that a child has requested of their parents. She recently asked me if she could not go to school on Friday, May 20th, the day that Harry's new album comes out. That's right. She wants to skip school because of an album release.

I have to hand it to her. She's all in. I can respect the passion, I just can't honor the request. Sorry, kiddo. Get up half an hour earlier and listen to the album before school. Problem solved. Can you imagine asking YOUR parents to skip school for an album release?

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