Bachelor Chris Soules took a trip to his hometown of Arlington, Iowa on this week's episode of ABC's The Bachelor, and the portrayal of the town did not sit well with residents.

The episode showed many closed stores, no restaurants, and the drive through the town only took a few minutes, which left all the the girls on the show feeling very uneasy about the small town. They even spoke to a pastor who told them that people have to leave the city for things like entertainment and groceries.

But, the city of Arlington would like to note that the community is not as desolate as it appeared. Many of the businesses that were closed were not closed for good, just for the day, because it was late afternoon on a Saturday. Residents say that there is plenty going on in the city that you don't see from just walking down the street. Summer Handle, one resident of the town, says, “Arlington is a small community with heart, soul and a quiet pride. And for the 400 people who live here, that’s just the way they like it.”

But, the show has done some good for the city. Thanks to a local fundraiser with Chris Soules, the city of Arlington now has $23,000 towards their community center.


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