This past Saturday, tons of Americans went out to their favorite Mexican restaurants to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Iowans were no exception!

One of my favorite things about Cedar Rapids is the abundance of great Mexican restaurants. I've lived here over three years now and I STILL haven't tried all of the ones we have in the Corridor! Don't worry, I'm making the rounds...

If you're a fan of Mexican food, especially tacos, there is one place in particular that you may want to add to your list. Thrillist recently published an article titled, "The Best Tacos in Every State," with the winner for Iowa coming from the northwest side. According to the writers, La Juanita in Storm Lake is the place to go for excellent tacos. The article states:

"Those tacos are a clinic in flavor cultivation, from crispy chicharrones and a bright orange chicken whose flavor matches its hue to incredible fried fish and crispy carnitas... plus pork stomach and tongue for true believers. Typically, we'd avoid things like octopus this far from the ocean, but here the coctel de camaron y pulpo (a shrimp and octopus cocktail) is a must. This is some of the best Mexican in the Midwest. Don't keep this one a secret."

Here are some photos of the tacos taken by VERY happy customers:

Who do you think has the best tacos here in Eastern Iowa? Let us know in the comments!

[Via Thrillist]

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