Who doesn't love all you can eat fish, shrimp, and chicken?!

A new article from the website Eat This, Not That takes a look at some of the best "once-in-a-lifetime" meals in all 50 states. The site "searched online reviews and publications for extraordinary dishes and interesting food joints that you should go off and find all around the country." I initially thought that the pick for Iowa would be Maid-Rite, but I was wrong! Eat This, Not That chose Bluff Lake Catfish Farm as the best once-in-a-lifetime meal in the Hawkeye State for the second year in a row! The article reads:

"At Bluff Lake Catfish Farm you can dine with a view of the waterfall that gushes into Bluff Lake. The beautiful scenery is only topped by the crispy fried catfish that you'll see coming out of the kitchen to just about every table. But, good luck finding it, says one reviewer, 'This is 'somewhere in Iowa' because you won't be discovering it without hearing about it and being told how to get to it.'"

It's true that Bluff Lake Catfish Farm can be a little tricky to find on your first trip. Located at 9301 95th Ave in Maquoketa, it's definitely off the beaten path. I actually thought I accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up on somebody's private property!

Bluff Lake Catfish Farm is obviously known for their all-you-can-eat catfish on Fridays, but you should definitely order some shrimp while you're there, too. On Saturday nights they offer all-you-can-eat haddock, and on Sundays you can get all-you-can-eat chicken and shrimp. All the specials are served with family-style with coleslaw and fries. The menu also offers sandwiches, salad, ribeye, ham steak, walleye, and a few different appetizers. Bluff Lake's prime rib was another popular item to order, but it's still off the menu because of "extreme pricing."

If you want to visit Bluff Lake Catfish Farm, you'll have to wait! The restaurant is currently closed for the season, but it officially reopen on January 7th You can check out Bluff Lake's website HERE.

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