Why eat your fries plain when you can load them up with delicious toppings?!

I think one of the reasons people love fries so much is because they are a blank canvas. Sure, you can eat them plain or dip them in something standard, like ketchup or ranch. But, wouldn't you rather smother them in some of your other favorite foods?

According to a new article from Love Food, the best loaded fries in the whole state of Iowa are right here in the Corridor. They've chosen the Nashville Hot Chicken Fries from Frydae in Marion as their number one pick! The article reads:

"Opened in 2021, Frydae has already won itself a lot of fans – perhaps not surprising since this cute little spot specialises in fries and ice cream. People love that they don’t skimp on the toppings when it comes to the loaded fries, and the Nashville hot chicken fries – with pieces of tender chicken, sauce and pickles – are a favourite."

If you want to get more specific, the Nashville Hot Chicken Fries from Frydae are topped with "crispy chicken, colby-jack cheese, Nashville hot sauce, honey drizzle, shredded cabbage, GOOD ranch, and pickles." They've been a staple on the menu since the restaurant opened last summer.

I've never had the Nashville Hot Chicken Fries, but I have tried the Classic Poutine, and they were amazing! Who doesn't love fries smothered in gravy?


Other unique varieties of fries on the menu include Breakfast Fries, Chicken Bacon Ranch, Korean BBQ Kimchi, Loaded Baked Sweet Potato, Jalapeno Bacon Mac, and more.

Here are a few other places you can order delicious loaded fries here in the Corridor:

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