It's Friday! If that's not enough reason to make you smile, these videos should definitely do the trick.

Police and sheriff's departments from all over the nation have been answering the challenge to make lip sync videos. Here in Iowa, many have jumped on the challenge. Here are some of my favorites.

First up is a great montage from the Pleasant Hill Police Department featuring Walt Disney movies!

The Iowa State University Police Department also showed off their lip-syncing abilities.

Indianola may have the National Balloon Classic this weekend, but they'll also now be known for their officers lip-syncing and dancing. Ok, maybe not the dancing so much.

My favorite from here in Iowa has to be these three officers from Altoona. They really get into this Katy Perry song. The video has more than 500,000 views in the last week. If you don't see it below, you can watch it HERE.

How did this become a thing? It all started with this officer from Bexar County, Texas. Deputy Alexander Mena challenged other deputies, officers, and departments and a viral trend was created. Mena's video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times!

If I had to pick the best one I've seen from anywhere around the entire nation, I'd give it to this one from Apple Valley, Minnesota.

I think it's time for us to challenge police and sheriff's departments here in the corridor. Who will be the first to make us smile?

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