When it comes to french fries, it's hard to go wrong. But, there are some places that really go above and beyond when it comes to fries. SheKnows.com looked at places with delicious fries and published the best ones in an article titled, 'Where to get the Best Fries in Your State'

According to the article, the place to get the best fries in Iowa is Zombie Burger.

If you're not familiar, Zombie Burger is "famous for inventive flavor combos in a “post apocalyptic chic” setting, and serves fast food with a culinary edge." Considering fries are arguably the best side for a burger, it's not hard to believe that their fries would be just as good as their specialty burgers. If you're ever craving some for yourself there are two locations in eastern Iowa including locations at Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville and off of E Burlington St. in Iowa City.

Zombie Burger is amazing. But, we've got to admit, there are a lot of other places around eastern Iowa that have great fries too! Just take a look at some of these for example:

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