A new survey published by Spruce outlines the top fast food French fries in all 50 states, and honestly, I think it's the first survey I've ever seen where I don't disagree with any of the picks.

In my opinion, fries are one of those foods that are still pretty good even when they don't taste all that good. You know what I mean? Like, even when pizza doesn't taste great, it's still PIZZA. That's how I feel about fries.

Before we get to the results, we need to know how Spruce came up with their results. The article says:

"We looked at Google Trends search results to analyze the popularity of 24 different fast food chains’ fries and also looked into the search results around different types of fries, like curly, waffle or even chili cheese. We then looked at the data state by state and crunched some numbers to find out the most popular fast food fries around the nation."

According to this survey, Iowans really love their McDonald's French fries. And we weren't alone, either. McDonald's was the first choice for 16 different states, making it the number one choice overall. Burger King and Taco Bell tied for second, being named the first choice in six states each. It's pretty surprising that Taco Bell was chosen, since their Nacho Fries are only available a few times a year, but they're definitely delicious, so I can't argue.

Not only did the survey figure out the top fast food fries in all 50 states, but they also looked at the top types of fries. The winner for Iowa was waffle fries, which also happens to be the number one choice overall, coming in first in nine different states. Cheese fries and curly fries weren't far behind, with eight states apiece. You can check out more survey results HERE.

What types of fries are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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