Monday, July 6th of 2020 was National Fried Chicken Day, and in honor of that, Insider decided to turn to Yelp to figure out who serves the best fried chicken in each state. Yelp didn't take this task lightly. According to Insider:

"Yelp identified businesses in the restaurants and food categories with a large concentration of reviews mentioning 'fried chicken,' then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning 'fried chicken.' When available, all businesses on this list also had to have a passing health score or a score greater than a B/80 as of July 1, 2020."

There is some delicious-looking fried chicken on the list, but I was most curious about who serves the very best here in Iowa. Unfortunately, we'll have to make the drive to Des Moines to give it a try.

Bubba is a southern restaurant located at 200 10th Street in Des Moines. They offer all sorts of yummy menu items, like a shrimp po-boy, chicken-fried steak, a catfish skillet, and shrimp & grits, but their fried chicken seems to be the favorite. Just look at some of the photos from the restaurant's official Instagram account:

Yelp user Jenn M. tried the chicken and waffles and said, "the chicken was perfectly seasoned, moist, and had perfectly crispy skin." User Kurt F. had similar sentiments, writing:

"I quickly dove into my fried chicken, which was cooked to perfection. I usually toss the skin aside with fried chicken (a sin to some, I know), but this time I devoured it, skin and all. It was tender, juicy, and perfectly cooked. The skin was extremely crispy and added a wonderful crunch, as such. It was gone rather quickly."

Here in Cedar Rapids, Yelp says that Vivian's Soul Food is the highest-rated restaurant when it comes to fried chicken. In Iowa City, it's Pullman Bar & Diner.

Who do you think serves the best fried chicken in Iowa? Let us know in the comments!

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