Over 11,000 Americans took part in a new survey ranking their favorite fast food restaurants, and a ton of places in Eastern Iowa ranked towards the top of the list!

Market Force Information recently released rankings of fast food restaurants based on multiple factors. The study takes a look at not only 11,000 responses from customers, but also uses a "composite loyalty index that measures satisfaction with food quality, service, value and restaurant experience." 

The survey is broken down into different food categories, so let's start with one of the basics: burger chains. The top-ranked burger chain isn't a place that we have here in the Midwest, which is super disappointing.

That's right, the winner is California-based In-N-Out Burger. I can't even look at this picture without drooling everywhere. The good news is, second place went to a joint that we DO have locally, as of a couple weeks ago: Five Guys!

Next up we have the Mexican chains. Despite all of their recent issues, Chipotle still takes the top spot.

Second place went to a restaurant that is coming soon in Cedar Rapids: Moe's Southwest Grill!

Moving on to the pizza category, the winner is Marco's Pizza, a place with multiple Eastern Iowa locations.

Papa Murphy's was the second place pick.

In the chicken category, the not-so-surprising winner was Chick-fil-A!

And finally, I was VERY excited to see Firehouse Subs win in the sandwich category!

Check out the rest of the winner (and losers) HERE!

[Via CNBC]

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