A place like this would be worth the drive!

The website Love Food recently posted an article outlining the "best independent family-friendly restaurant" in all 50 states, and I was surprised to discover that I have never heard of the pick for Iowa! Before we get to that, though, we should probably talk about why Love Food put together this list in the first place. The article reads:

"Finding a restaurant that will appeal to all ages, and please even the pickiest of eaters, isn’t easy. Kids can be fussy, teenagers can be fussier, and the majority of adults probably don’t want to spend all of their mealtimes in a soft play area. We’ve scoured the options in every US state to come up with the best family-friendly places to eat, where everyone really can enjoy their dinner."

The best family-friendly restaurant in Iowa is a place called Smash Park over in West Des Moines. There are actually three Smash Park locations, including one in Pella and one in Omaha, Nebraska, but this article focuses specifically on the one at 6625 Coachlight Drive. The official website describes the venue as "your one-stop-shop for food, drinks and fun!" It says:

"Our indoor/outdoor venues combine craft food and drinks with pickleball courts, endless games, live entertainment and outrageous events to provide the ultimate gathering place for people of all ages."

When they say endless games, they're not kidding! Smash Park features an arcade, giant Connect 4, foosball, darts, bags, shuffleboard, Brunch BINGO, trivia, ping pong, bocce ball, yoga, and more. You can even book specific areas for private parties! Just look at how cool this place is:

In addition to all the games and activities, Smash Park is also home to the largest patio in the whole state, plus a whole bunch of delicious-sounding food. I need to get my hands on the "Sheet Ton of Nachos!" Other options include sliders & burgers, Naanzas, meatballs, cheese curds, wings, and more comfort foods. For the adults, there's a pretty extensive drink menu filled with cocktails, Clawtails, Sociabowls, and more.

For more information on Smash Park Des Moines, you can visit their website HERE.

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