I could go for a crab rangoon right about now!

According to a recent article from the website Love Food, if you're looking for great Chinese food here in Eastern Iowa, you don't have to travel far! The site lists Long Xing in Iowa City as the very best Chinese restaurant in the entire state. The post reads:

"Casual in style and ambience but serious when it comes to flavour, popular takeout spot Long Xing serves American-Chinese dishes such as General Tso’s chicken, vegetable lo mein, crab rangoon and hot and sour soup to much acclaim."

If you head to Yelp, it's not hard to see why Long Xing was chosen as the top pick for Iowa. The restaurant has a ton of extremely positive reviews, many of which suggest specific dishes. Yelp user Jeff B. wrote:

"Egg Fu Yong is the stuff of legend, with huge chunks of roast pork and vegs, and thankfully with the gravy on the side (I prefer potsticker sauce over it). Massive sausage filled wontons in the Wonton Soup, and fantastic hand made Fried Dumplings."

User Sylvia J. recommends the beef chow mein, the egg drop soup, and another very popular dish... crab rangoon:

"You must get the crab Rangoon -- the filling is out of this world good. Creamy, crabby and umami in one bite."

Other dishes recommended by Yelp users include the sweet and sour chicken, the Mongolian beef, and the fried donuts for dessert.

Long Xing is located at 428 Highway 1 West in Iowa City and is open daily. You can check out the menu and hours HERE.

Who do you think serves the best Chinese food in Iowa? Let us know in the comments!

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