A study by Match.com found that dating is pretty dang expensive!

And now I have a good excuse as to why I don't date... I just can't afford it! According to Match.com, the average date now costs about $180, depending on where you live. This was super shocking to me, until I saw it broken down by item. Some of these costs seem a little unnecessary to me, but I'll let you judge for yourself:

  • Transportation - $14.50
  • Getting your hair cut/done/other cosmetics - $18.25
  • New clothes - $29
  • A gift - $9
  • Entertainment, meals, and drinks - $98
  • Something to eat at the end of the night - $7.25
  • Birth control method - $4

Listen, I understand that you want to look good on a date, but unless you're going somewhere SUPER fancy, you probably don't need new clothes and to get your hair done. Let's just eliminate that right there. As far as transportation goes, maybe try going somewhere a little closer to home, or meet your date at the actual location instead of picking them up (that way you can leave right away if your date is a horrible person). A gift? Unnecessary. And I really don't need to eat TWICE, I'm probably already not trying to shove all the food in my face, as it is.

According to this list, I am one heck of a cheap date. I'm down for Taco Bell and some Netflix, which is only about $8 a person. We can even wear sweatpants.

But in all seriousness, it's nice to go out on a fancy expensive date from time to time, but you don't ALWAYS need to be dropping $180. And you can always split the tab at the end of the night so that neither of you are blowing through all your cash. Dating sucks already, let's make it suck a little less.

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