I think it's common sense that if you commit a crime, you shouldn't brag about it on social media. Fortunately for law enforcement, some criminals just aren't that smart.

I was scrolling through some national news today, when I came across a story that happened right down the street from my house back in Michigan! It's not often that our town makes the news, so I was pretty shocked when I found out it was a "Stupid Criminal" story.

Apparently some teenage girls thought it would be fun to rob a local Dairy Queen by stealing their tip jar on Free Cone Day. Not a huge crime, I know, but it's still incredibly shameful. What makes this story unique is that these girls then decided to BRAG about it on SNAPCHAT. They sent out a video with the caption, "Robbed Dairy Queen tip jar." Seriously, HOW DUMB CAN YOU BE?

Thankfully, the customers took down the license plate and the video has been shared, so police will be catching these girls soon. Local firefighters also chipped in to replace the tips.

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